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Let us count the ways.

Dynamic pricing is more prevalent than ever across many industries. In a prior post, Liftopia CEO, Evan Reece, went into detail on how businesses from Disney, to ski resorts, water parks, golf courses and more continue are embracing increasingly sophisticated pricing models to drive greater pre-sale volume and ultimately, more revenue. 

When we start working with a new attraction or ski resort, we hear a lot about what each partner’s specific goals are for switching to dynamic pricing from a previous strategy. We thought we’d share the top reasons we hear most frequently from our partners about why they’ve chosen to go dynamic. It’s worth noting that these goals are not specific to a particular industry. We actually have heard similar things from ski resorts to waterparks. Owners/operators of ticketing businesses of all kinds have recognized the benefits, both financial and operational of using dynamic pricing to drive pre-sales. Here are the most common reasons to implement a dynamic strategy that we hear from partners:

  1. I want to insulate my business against unpredictable weather
  2. I want to drive visitation to slower days by pricing those days appropriately for demand
  3. I want to reduce waiting time at the ticket window for my customers
  4. I want to move away from traditional discount methods to get the most out of my best days

Do any of these sound like something you’d like to accomplish? We’d love to hear from you.

Post Author: Kathryn Quinn

2 Replies to “Why do resorts and attractions love dynamic pricing?”

  1. You could also add these to your excellent list.
    1. Lower Labor Cost – When no one has to sell anyone a ticket because they purchased a ticket in advance the operator save money. Not to mention knowing when guest plan on visiting allows one to schedule staff accordingly.
    2. Guest Are Happier – When guest arrive and their first experience isn’t standing in a line that’s a great start. Guests often say they are willing to pay more if they can bypass a line.
    3. Guest have more opportunity to spend money. – The faster a guest can enter your park is directly related to how happy they are as a whole. We all know that happy guest stay longer and spend more money.

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