Dynamic Pricing Philosophies for Ticketing, Tours, Activities and Events

When: September 12, 11am PT / 2pm ET
Where: Conference link will be sent to you via email

Dynamic pricing and revenue management have been a mainstay in many parts of the travel sector for years. At Liftopia, we’ve seen dynamic pricing emerge in hotels, airlines, and of course, the ski industry. Now, it’s beginning to take hold in tours, activities and attractions. Businesses from Disney, to water parks, golf courses and more continue to embrace more sophisticated pricing models to drive greater revenue. During this Webinar, Evan will walk through the fundamentals of revenue management, and how it can be applied to different types of ticketing businesses to grow sales, profits, and predictability for your operation. At the end of this webinar, attendees will have learned:

  • Revenue management fundamentals
  • How to set goals when implementing an advanced purchase strategy
  • What “type” of revenue management might work best for their business