Liftopia announces Group Ticketing functionality for Cloud Store and

Liftopia is excited to announce the launch of a new feature to streamline and improve the sales of group tickets. While Cloud Store and support the sale of dynamically priced inventory for date-specific tickets, this new feature allows resorts and attractions to better take control of their ticket inventory for groups, specifically. Historically, many resorts and attractions have relied heavily on phone sales for medium-size group bookings (think, 20 visitors), and the price offered to the group was consistent regardless of the date of the visit, and time at which the group was booked.

The pricing strategy for group tickets, like that for individual day tickets, should be based on the day’s popularity. The group price for a particular Saturday should likely be different from that than a particular Tuesday, and the quantity of tickets available per day might fluctuate by day as well. Rather than set a group price and forget it, resorts should be able to carefully control the price of group tickets as circumstances change, as well as reward pre-sale for group tickets. For example, perhaps a group that books three weeks before a certain trip date should get a better price than a group that books a week before. The rigor of dynamic pricing applied to individual day tickets can be applied to Group Tickets using Liftopia’s new functionality.

Group ticketing functionality example

Liftopia’s new group ticketing functionality will allow large groups to book reservations online through a separate inventory pool only available to groups that meet a minimum size requirement. Not only does booking groups online allow for inventory control, it also unburdens resort office staff for medium size groups. By medium size groups, we mean a group of ~20 visitors who might not need a phone call and can book online (while a group of 100 might still call in for additional assistance).

Feature Highlights:

  • Customizable group size minimums and maximums
  • Ability to collect group leader photo ID
  • Collection of custom group name
  • Ability to buy tickets without requiring the name of each guest in the group
  • Streamlined purchase process for group purchases

Post Author: Kathryn Quinn

2 Replies to “New! Group Ticketing Made Easy”

  1. This is exciting news! I’ve been wondering how long it would be before the industry start applying the similar strategies to groups as we do to market and sell to individual guests. Smart move! Looking forward to hearing/seeing the success of this new feature.

  2. Kathryn – great functionality! The next step, IMO, would be if the pricing could also be dynamic as the group increases in number. Let’s say a local church wants to have a “group” day but everyone to pay individually. Could their discount increase as their numbers increase? This would be a new pricing grid, where the discount is never as rich as calling for the traditional group of 100 and one person being the POC. This concept would allow individuals to pay online with a deposit, and the final amount being charged 24 hours before their event, based on the total number of people in the group. You know how to find me if you want to talk more!

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