Coco Key Water Park (Boston North Shore) is a sprawling indoor water park adjacent to the DoubleTree by Hilton in Danvers, MA. Coco Key became a Liftopia partner in fall 2019, choosing Cloud Store, Liftopia’s full-service e-commerce platform, to replace an outdated system. 

The team at Coco Key, led by General Manager, Kate Brill-Daley, was looking to upgrade their existing e-commerce and grow online revenue when they decided to partner with Liftopia. 

From the beginning, the “full-service” aspect of Liftopia’s solution is what set Liftopia apart for Brill-Daley. Liftopia’s support and service were immediately apparent as a differentiator from the beginning of the partnership.

“It has truly been a pleasure to work the Liftopia team so far,” says Brill-Daley. “From the start, working with our account manager was easy on many fronts. I never felt rushed and always felt like she worked hard to understand the nature of our business, our guests and our goals.”

When a new partner starts working with Liftopia, the team spends time understanding each partner’s unique operation and goals for their strategy. Our Partner Services team also ensures that everyone on staff is trained on the Liftopia tools specific to their job function.

“Partner Services has been a great resource,” says Brill-Daley. “Every time I have reached out to them, I’ve received an answer very quickly. One of our previous challenges was connecting with our webstore team, and that has been a huge relief with Partner Services.”

From an operations perspective, the front line staff at Coco Key Water Park has also noted a seamless transition to their new tools. “The transition to the new software was easy. It’s extremely user friendly,” noted Brill-Daley.

Ease of operations has been paired with a healthy 31.4% YOY revenue growth since switching to Cloud Store.

All images courtesy of Coco Key Boston.

Coco Key Boston Case Study – English

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