Here at Liftopia, we call the period between September 1st and December 1st “Hype Season”. It’s when skiers and snowboarders across North America are planning their trips, booking their ski houses, watching ski movies and praying for snow…but most resorts haven’t yet opened. It’s the calm before the storm when riders across the continent are dreaming of cold temps and spinning lifts.

On September 6th, Liftopia kicked off our marketing efforts for the North American Hype Season.This promises to be the strongest pre-season push in our company’s history, and we’re excited to highlight your resort’s unique value and brand to this audience.

We are excited to be partnering and working with some powerhouse brands in the worlds of ski and travel including AirBnB, EVO, Jones Snowboards, Unofficial Networks, Wagner Skis, SnoCru,, Ski Butlers, Discrete and more. We’ve already launched the Gear Locker Giveaway and we are looking forward to launching two large-scale multi-sponsor promotions more before December arrives. All three promotions will be making their way into over 1,000,000 skier and snowboarder inboxes. During this pre-season period, we’ll also be launching our Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion and building up to our new resort ratings and reviews launch during Christmas Week. Additionally, we’re ramping our deal alert emails and sending our weekly newsletter, The Goods, packed with awesome ski & snowboard content and photos, to our email list which is now +400,000 strong.


We’re very proud to be partnering with Protect Our Winters and the US Ski and Snowboard Association during the 16/17 season. Our series of three Hype Season promotions will benefit these awesome organizations who are trying to make skiing and snowboarding more sustainable, accessible and successful for us all.

We couldn’t be more excited about this upcoming season and we’re committed to making it a huge success for you and your resort. We look forward to partnering with you and are here to help you meet your goals.


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